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  • Lisa Madson says: National Sales Director
    I want to thank you for your service of providing Bridal Leads. I have found them to be the best leads available and they have really helped my National Area to build their business.
    Thanks again for providing this wonderful service! I appreciate you.
    Lisa Madson, National Sales Director
  • Erin says: Consultant
    I am looking forward to another fabulous month! I wanted to let you know my results. From the leads and additional bookings from the bridal leads, I moved $2575.50 in product, held 12 appointments and got 2 new team members! Of the appointments held, 1 was a facial, 4 were double facials and 7 were classes. So glad I found you!!!
    Thank you,
    Erin, Consultant, Colorado
  • Gina F says: Sr. Sales Director
    Just a Fabulous FYI!~ If you want a Full Date book, order your bridal leads, If you want to be a Star Consultant or have Star Consultants~ order your bridal leads!~If you want DIQ's(2) and Soon to be New Directors(1)~ Give this a Try- order yourself some bridal leads.
    Gina F, Sr. Sales Director, North Carolina
  • Beth Ann says: Consultant
    Hi Kelly,
    Thank you so very much for the amazing service you provide at BookIT Pink Leads. Your service has made such a difference in my business. What fun to get new excited leads of woman looking forward to seeing someone who can help them prepare for that Special Day. I especially LOVE your tutoring and training Kelly. You have been there for me every step of the way to answer my questions! I tell everyone about you and your fantastic service! I am so grateful for you and the difference you have made in my business!
    Beth Ann, Pennsylvania
  • Michelle says: Sr. Sales Director
    Oh just to give you some good feed back. The one party that I have held from my first set of leads so far, the bride signed up and there were no sales, not a prob. Then we did her debut on Sun, she signed up 3 people at the party and then her mom signed up in Oregon! So from one bride, I have 5 new unit members...shut up! so great!~ so excited to have BookIT Pink Leads!
    Michelle, Sr. Sales Director, California
  • Alison says: Consultant
    Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for creating such an amazing script! I cannot believe the success I've had from using your wording. I've been having so much fun booking brides-which happen to be my favorite clients to work with! Thank you for sharing you wonderful script!
    Have a wonderful evening!
    Alison, Consultant, Pennsylvania
  • Carol says: Sales Director
    Kelly, Just wanted to share...I worked a bridal booth last Feb and paid almost $200 for the booth, and gave away $75 in a gift bag, plus the normal expenses, etc. Got around 140 leads, shared them with another consultant...we got less then 4 bookings total. The way I see it...you do the work for me...THANK YOU...and I can get the same amount of leads from you...OVER TIME...which I LOVE...vs so many at once...and spend less... and not have all of the time and energy invested also.
    I really appreciate your minimum being low at 25...that's affordable and doable for anyone!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll be in touch... Thanks again for your great follow through.
    Carol, Sales Director, Wisconsin
  • Tracy says: Consultant
    I just love when people tell me that I am awesome it helps motivate me so much so thank you! And, I want to tell you that I think you're awesome your scripts that you send with the leads are so great and so easy...I seriously have them in front of me when I do all my calls and get excited and read them! I have been having such awesome success with these leads and just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get them from you. My self confidence has grown so much and my business is finally taking off and I'm starting to see the results I've always wanted. So thank you for this opportunity!
    Tracy, Consultant, Minnesota
  • Bobbi Jo says: Sales Director
    I just wanted to let you know what a blessing these leads have been to my business, thank you so much for all of your help and hard work!
    Bobbi Jo, Sales Director, Iowa
  • Mary Beth says: Consultant
    Hi Kelly,
    I just wanted you to know that I booked my VERY first CALL! THAT is exciting! She didn't even register, her mom or sister must have done it for her (it was her mom's address that was listed). And she doesn't even have a date set, yet. But she is looking forward to this! Thanks for this offer! I'm starting DIQ (I was a Dir. for several years, then took the last 3 years "off," ha, ha...) on Monday and my plan is to have 20 appointments booked! I should've started off with more leads! :) But, you know, the little skeptic in me said to just try with a few and see how it goes. I haven't used someone else's script in a long time, so I was a little scared dialing that first number. But now I'm actually excited to call the others. :)
    Well, you have a great weekend. Happy booking! :)
    Mary Beth, Consultant, Wisconsin
  • Megan says: Consultant
    You are wonderful! It was so nice of you to call me this morning, and I really appreciate it! I also appreciate you sending me the script - I am a very visual learner, so having the script really helps me to not be so nervous! Thanks again! You are awesome! I am recommending you to everyone! :)
    Megan, Consultant, Texas
  • Desi says: Consultant
    I am getting bookings from booking and I have more booking is May than I have ever before. I wanted to also let you know so you could pass it on, that I am booking almost everyone I call, so 2 out of 5 I would say. I am so excited! I love working with the brides in my area, they are always excited, and they love sharing their pampering session with their friends.
    Thanks Kelly!
    Desi, Consultant, Wisconsin
  • Ardyth says: Consultant
    Once again, just wanted to thank you for what a change the bridal leads has made in my business. I've coached 2 hostesses this week in person and booked 5 more. I just love it. I hope I don't thank you too much! I know a positive thank you is usually appreciated.
    I appreciate YOU!
    Ardyth, Consultant, Nebraska
  • Connie says: Consultant
    Thank you Kelly!
    I am so excited to start with your program! I know with the coaching you are giving us and knowing that you are only an email away if we need help, this will be a success!!
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Connie, Consultant, Missouri
  • Tena says: Consultant
    Thank you sooooo much for the extra time to help me out. I so appreciate it.! I too have to make this work for me! Thank you again!!
    Lydia from Kansas City referred you to me, she has become a Director from these leads!!
    God's blessing
    Tena, Consultant, Kansas
  • Heather says: Consultant
    Hi Kelly!
    Heather from FL. I began building my business 2 years ago. Your leads gave me the courage and the confidence to make the phone calls, then book and hold appointments, so much so that one of the brides who booked, cancelled and called me months later to do her and her moms make-up for her wedding. I was thrilled and honored. Thank you Kelly for offering this great service.
    Heather, Consultant, Florida
  • Pat says: Consultant
    I have to admit when you first offered email only Bridal leads, I was a little skeptical. I thought how can I book if I donít call them. I have had success in booking appointments with the email only. I think the key (from your training) is multiple contacts. I have had a number of young ladies tell me when they receive the 3rd or 4th email that it went to their spam folder and yes they are interested. Several weeks ago I had an over $400 class and booked the bride for a follow-up appointment. Yay! Thank you so much for all your help!
    Pat, Consultant, Nebraska
  • Lindsay says: Sales Director
    I have started booking brides using Book it Pink Leads through email and it has saved me so much time! I am not the person that likes to talk on the phone and booking through email is the perfect way for me to book parties and gain new customers!
    Personalized emails are sent to the brides and the booking takes off from there! After the bride responds to the first email, I start building that customer relationship with her by emailing her about 4-5 times to stay in contact with her throughout the month or time between the first email and her pampering party.
    Brides love to bring their bridesmaids and LOVE the skincare and are excited about booking a second appointment to do COLOR for their wedding! 2 parties from 1 lead!!! Email is definitely the way to go. So much easier and less time consuming! Thank you Kelly for all the time and effort you put into helping us succeed! Book It Pink is the BEST!
    Lindsay, Sales Director, North Carolina
  • Lauren says: Consultant
    I have been using BookitPINK now for about 6 months. Prior to BookitPINK, I was struggling with ways to generate new leads in my business on a daily basis. Warm chatting was something I just didnt quite embrace as a beauty consultant & we all know "warm chatting can be suicide on the installment plan at times."
    When I started using BookitPINK , I not only made back my return on investment, but I gained loyal skincare customers along with beauty consultants that i have added to my team. While i'm still in the building phase of my business, BookitPINK is an extremely important avenue that i use for booking in my business EVERY month!!
    BookitPINK's website is extremely thorough & very user-friendly to be able to maneuver through the website & search based on your county/ state/zipzode to purchase leads. There is even booking scripts per category included so you never have to worry about what to say.
    Kelly Barber- the founder of BookitPINK from day 1 has been extremely upfront & honest with me and I appreciate how hands on she is with her team! I know they must work very hard for us beauty Consultants & Directors to be able to keep this service on-going for us EVERY month. I just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to KELLY & her TEAM for all of their support with helping us Consultants have an avenue to book leads without having to go out and warm chatter.
    With Biggest Thanks!
    Lauren, Consultant, California